by Susan Squires

April 2006
ISBN: 0-312-99855-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

My soul screams for peace, love, and forgiveness. My path is dark, forever changing and evolving. I am a vampire and, I will find redemption, a place to rest my lonely heart or maybe death will be my lover...

Stephan Sincai is a vampire on a mission; one that sends him away from the one place he desperately wanted back in, a place that he grew up in, a place of peace, but to obtain this desire, he most become a one-man hunter. Hunting down and kill vampires made by other vampires. It is in this quest that he crosses paths with Ann Van Helsing.

Ann is thought by others to be mentally unbalanced. But, they could not be further from the truth. She is psychic, when she touches a person; their lives virtually become an open book through touching or being touched by Ann. This ability that makes her special also keeps her isolated.

While wandering one lonely evening, Ann and Stephan will cross paths; this traversing will forever change the course of both their lives. What will happen between the hardened and mastered vampire and the gentle, kind young woman whose only crime is the gift of knowledge through touch?

The Burning is the newest release and the third in this sensual series by authoress Susan Squires. It follows in the footsteps of The Companion and The Hunger. This reader was surprised by the erotic tone of this paranormal/vampire novel. The writing is sexually titillating and fierce. Ms. Squires shows us a fresh and torrid twist to a vampire novel, which is needed to breathe life back into the paranormal genre.

It is more than just written words about carnality within this novel; there are also other references and implications deeply threaded in this darkly delicious tale of a vampire’s journey of penitence and redemption that intersects with a young woman whose strange and yet, sad affliction effects and changes his dark and lonely quest. This is a wonderful penning of the cause and effect of what the human mind, body and soul can conquer and overcome to find love, even on a path shrouded in darkness and despair.

This reviewer did find that the very beginning of this novel had too much going on for an introduction to the characters and their lives, miring down the foundation of the story, which kept her from connecting with the characters right off the bat. The author did find her pace as the story progressed, settling down into the tale, taking this reviewer onto a thoroughly engaging read from then on.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Janalee.

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