by Portia DaCosta

March 1996
ISBN: 0-352-33075-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Black Lace Books
Mass Market Paperback

A two-hundred-year-old tragedy sets the stage for this erotic adventure! Count Andre von Kastel succumbs to the savage lure of an evil woman – he becomes her immortal slave and loses his true love Annabelle in the process!

Andre flees to England, and two hundred years later, Belinda Seward and her boyfriend Jonathan stumble across Sedgewick Priory, where Andre has taken refuge. Suspicious that their host might be a vampire, Belinda pressures him into revealing that it is not blood he requires, but the energies released during sex! This titillating concept allows Portia DaCosta to walk us through many assorted sexual scenarios without deviating too much from the plot line – the scenes of bondage, domination, and incessant sexual play are integral to Andre’s plans!

Belinda becomes Andre’s friend, lover, and vital tool in his scheme to reunite with his lost love! There’s a wonderfully tantalizing blend of the paranormal and the sexual here, as Andre gradually teaches Belinda all she needs to know about the ritual that will end his centuries-long torment! This is a truly erotic “fairy tale” - the sleeping beauty is, in this case, a prince, and the kiss that awakens him actually will send him home to his Annabelle. Belinda is a perfect match for Andre – sexually liberated, she knows the environment of Sedgewick Priory has loosened her inhibitions, but she embraces the chance to experience passion at the hands of two women, to feel the crack of the lash across her upthrust buttocks, or to writhe in ecstasy on a black leather couch beneath the talented hands of her host!

In this book, Ms. DaCosta has expanded the concept of a woman being freed by forces beyond her control to indulge in an assortment of sexual adventures – it’s the stuff of which fantasies are made! Belinda is never hurt, nor is she demeaned – she walks into the next experience with head held high and enthusiasm firmly in place.

If you are considering trying an erotic romance, be warned – this one will definitely rock your boat!!! It blends sexuality, sensuality and the paranormal in an amazingly effective way – you will certainly get your money’s worth from this quite extraordinary novel.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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