by Stephanie Gertler

July 2002
ISBN: 0-525-94639-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Stephanie Gertler has a real gift as a story teller. Normally, this wasnít the type of book that Iíd enjoy at all, but she worded the story in such a way that I couldnít put it down.

Grace Hammond Barnett had become accustomed her parentsí aloofness. But she had been having dreams since she was a child about drowning, with no known reason. She couldnít swim and couldnít remember ever being close enough to the water to hurt herself.

But when her parents commit dual suicide, Grace and her sister, Melanie, find more than what was on the surface.

Their parents had divided everything up equally, but something was out of place. Grace had been left a house. A house that neither one of them knew their parents had. The housekeeper, Jemma, hadnít known anything about it, either.

After a long drawn out process, Graceís husband and daughter go to Colorado for a vacation and Grace heads to the house, determined to find out why her parents hadnít said a word about it. What she finds is a past full of lies and deceit, but she also finds more about herself than she had thought possible. Grace admits to herself that she had long since fallen out of love with her husband, a thought confirmed when one of the locals, Lucas Keegan, charms her into falling in love with him.

I wonít say anymore because itíll give the book away.

But the way Gertler described the small town that Grace travels to, the way Luke charmed her, the whole way the book was composed was so real, I felt as if I was leaving friends behind when I forced myself to put the book down. The style is something that Iím not used to, but I found I really enjoyed it.

I do recommend this book, its a great, fast paced read for anyone looking for a summer book.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Lucy.

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