by Staci Stallings

June 2001
ISBN: 0-595-18057-4
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Trade Paperback

Having never read a "Contemporary Inspirational Romance" before, I looked forward to reading this book. Unfortunately, my expectations were a little bit higher than the book could deliver.

When I opened the book, I was pulled into the world of Aaron Foster, a man who had just lost the woman he loved - she had packed and walked out the door without a backward glance. Now, he is looking for a roommate to help him pay the rent since his ex-girlfriend is no longer there to do it. He’s about to post a note on the bulletin board when his co-worker, Harmony Jordan, wanders up and asks what he’s doing. Reluctantly, he admits it to her. But she tells him that she’ll help him look and get the word out for potential roommates.

Harmony comes through and has a friend who knows someone who just came into town from further north. Drew Easton likes the looks of the apartment and agrees to move in. After a series of events, Drew ends up dating Aaron’s ex-girlfriend. Aaron, being the noble soul he was, wasn’t going to say anything, but when Mandy, his ex-girlfriend, came on to Aaron yet again, he decided to take matters into his own hands and asks Harmony for help.

All Harmony had to do was get Drew interested and then he would see that he wasn’t really in love with Mandy - and he wouldn’t propose to her on New Year’s eve like he had planned. Right around Christmas time, Harmony agrees and then Drew becomes interested in her. After a scene in a local club, Mandy and Drew broke up and Drew asked Harmony for another chance, being unaware of how Aaron was using her for his own purposes.

Through a long, dull path in the book, Harmony begins to enjoy being with Drew, and then Aaron decides he’s in love with Harmony. After a long, tedious passage, Aaron falls in love with Harmony and admits his feelings to her, which Drew overhears. Who will Harmony choose?! Or has she always known who she was meant to be with?

The book was disappointing and I didn’t like Eternity at all. Aaron was not an appealing character, in the least, using Harmony to get what he wanted and then walking all over her when he got it. Then when she was happy with Drew, he had to go and ruin that too.

I also didn’t like that Lucy Stallings introduced a big problem from Harmony's past in the last few chapters. Why wasn’t that a factor in the book before? It would’ve explained a lot of things that would have kept me from being frustrated with the story. Eternity proved to be a disappointment and I will likely be more hesitant to try any inspirational romances in the future.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Lucy.

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