by Liz Maverick, Kimberly Dean, Lynn LaFleur

June 2006
ISBN: 0-06-088536-X
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Trade Paperback

If This Bed Could Talk is a trio of the hottest, most scintillating stories you may read all summer.

Liz Maverick’s Agent Provocateur tells the story of Vienna and Michael. Vienna James is a weapons specialist who ended up on the wrong end of the law – for the third time! So now it’s be “bought” on the auction block or be executed! Michael Kingston and his brother Devlin are looking for a woman for a particular assignment and Vienna fits the bill to a T. However, Devlin thinks differently, which causes some tense moments between the two brothers. As Michael starts training Vienna for her “assignment”, he starts to develop feelings for the feisty, beautiful woman, as she does with him. How can he send her out on this assignment, knowing that it could bring their budding relationship to an end? How can she go out on this assignment feeling as she does for Michael? Liz Maverick does an excellent job of bringing two wounded characters together and proving that love does indeed conquer all!

Trista has been divorced for 8 months and it is past time for her to move on. Her first date is with a man who instead of taking her to the romantic French restaurant where he has reservations, ends up in a bar and grill on the opposite side of town! They decide to go ahead and eat there as they’ll never make it in time to the other restaurant. When Trista walks in, she realizes two things: she’s way over-dressed and someone is watching her! After sitting down, she looks around and sees her best friend and ex brother-in-law Tyler...and he looks angry! Tyler has loved Trista since the first night he met her but she was off-limits. Since the divorce, he thought that she may see him in a different light but he doesn’t fully realize how badly his brother has hurt her! He doesn’t want his love to be Unrequited so he has to do serious seducing because Trista is his!! Kimberly Dean tells a terrific story and while Tyler is a great Alpha hero, I felt Trista’s reasoning for keeping their relationship secretive was a bit archaic.

In Lynn LaFleur’s Victim of Deception Karessa was heart-broken five years ago, when Max chose to deceive and leave her than to love her, as she did him. It was a move that Max has regretted every day but now something has come up that would bring her back into his life. Karessa’s Great-Aunt recently passed away and left her everything, including the family home. She’s planning on selling it but decides to take one last look around. She falls in love with the old Victorian and decides to have it renovated, even as she senses “something”. Little does Karessa know what’s in store for her! Can Karessa and Max get a second chance to make their relationship work? Maybe they can...with a little help from the ghosts of Karessa’s ancestors. Lynn LaFleur’s story is captivating. Karessa is an impressive heroine in the way she handles Max, while fighting her feelings, and Max is a commanding hero, while being quite regretful of his actions earlier in their relationship! This was my favorite story because I loved all the characters in it!

There is a little something for everyone in this anthology. You can be guaranteed a fun, if somewhat hot, read!

Reviewed in May 2006 by PamL.