by Anne Whitfield

February 2006
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Lexie longs for her relationship with her husband to be closer and more loving but work has put a barrier between them as they both pursue careers. When Lexie finds an old diary in a trunk in a house she starts to explore she starts to rethink her goals in life.

This is more a short story than a novel but it is well-written and slips easily between past and present, as the author tells extracts from the diary written at the end of WW2.

A long term love affair with a married, decorated soldier. Their love affair remained a secret. Lexie is caught up by their love and feels so much that she wants to have this kind of love in her life.

It is interesting the way the author links Lexie's life with the author of the diary yet no relationship is actually mentioned.

When Dylan, Lexie's husband, turns up at the house to see her they start to look into their own relationship and explore ways to save it.

Nice little story and well-written. My only complaint is that it is so short, and therefore possibly the conclusion was a bit hurried.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Mary.

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