by Stella Cameron

November 1993
ISBN: 0-380-77074-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Arran Francis William Rossmara, Marquess of Stonehaven needs a wife to produce an heir within two years or he will lose his fortune to his cousin, Mortimer Cuthbert. His friend, Calum Inns, goes to London to hunt a wife for him.

Grace Wren is the chosen candidate and hopes to gain freedom and power by marrying a rich old man after his death. On arriving to Kirkcaldy Castle with her mother, Blanche Wren, Grace meets a household full of weird and lazy servants but never sees the Marquess.

When Grace wanders around the castle to find a place to hide her works (paintings), she hears music from a room and meets "Niall", who is actually Arran, the Marquess. Niall is attracted to Grace at first sight but thinks the worst of Grace because of her reasons for marrying Arran.

Arran is a talented musical composer. He is good at playing the piano, violin, and violoncello. He was married once and rumoured to have killed his first wife, Isabel and his unborn child. No one has ever seen him in board daylight besides Calum and his valet. He tries to hide his real identity from Grace and torment her in his wicked ways.

With the arrival of Arran's cousin and relatives, Arran has to disclose his identity to Grace and marry her as soon as possible. Grace feels deceived and wants to call off the wedding but her mother doesn't let her and confesses that she is deep in debt and Grace must marry Arran for money.

Fascination is the first book of Ms. Cameron's Rossmara Quartet with Charmed, Bride, Beloved and The Wish Club following in the series. It is a book with a bit of everything - humour, mystery, romance and highly sensual. A delightful and highly recommended read.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rose.

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