by K. Celeste Bryan

April 2006
ISBN: 0-7443-1040-7
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Note: The sequel to Moon of the Sleeping Bear.

Minnesota, Iowa 1862

Wynter McCain Oliver is in a hard place. She is married to Cord, who has been missing since the Indian uprising. She gave birth to a son, whose father is Dax, Cordís brother. She is in love with Dax, but unable to do anything, since she does not know what happened to Cord.

Cord Oliver was found by a kindly man on the bank of the Blue Earth river in Iowa. Cord has major injuries and he can not remember who he is. He has no idea he has a wife and a son back in Minnesota. He remembers nothing of the uprising or how he came to be in Iowa.

Dax Oliver canít stand to be around Wynter, knowing they are unable to do anything until they either find Cordís body or until Cord comes walking up the lane to the house. He knows he is the father of Wynterís son. Dax has decided the best thing to do for everyone is for him to leave. He has decided to go to Arizona to be a scout for the Army.

Sage is Wynterís twin sister. She is married to Wa-na-pay-a, the tracker whom was hired by the Olivers to find Wynter when she was kidnapped. When Sageís husband is killed, she is bound and determined to get his body to his people.

I loved this book! It was wonderful to have answers to questions from the first book. Even though Wynter was in a bad predicament, she kept a cool head. Cord knew he belonged somewhere, he never gave up, he knew someday his memory would come back to him. Dax was willing to give up his son and the woman he loved for his brother. Sage was heart broken over the death of her husband, but she was a survivor and she knew she would survive this as well.

This was a tender, touching, love story. You wonít be disappointed with this sequel. Highly recommended read.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Pat.

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