by Alexis Fleming

January 2006
ISBN: 1-59998-002-9
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Madison Paxton has a plan. A make over plan that is. Loose weight, throw out fat clothes, get a new hair style at the salon, learn to flirt, have an orgasm for the first time, get pregnant by the time she’s thirty.

After her husband left her, declaring that she was frigid, Madison decided on a revamp of her life. Achieving most of the goals on her list, the one that eludes her is the ‘ experience orgasm for the first time’. But that problem is easily solved. Enter Madison’s mother Rosa, a vibrant woman with a daring sex life. She hires Madison a stud, the sole aim to teach Madison the joys of sex, and to lay rest to the claim that she is a frump.

Through a misunderstanding, lawyer Jake Hunter, on the rebound from his last disastrous relationship, lands the job as Madison’s stud. Feeling an instant attraction to the long legged woman with the sexy proposition, Jake sees the assignment as a way to boost his flagging ego, a way to prove to himself that he’s not boring in bed, an insecurity his departed lover had left him with.

As feelings deepen on both sides, Jake finds it harder to tell Madison the truth. When the lies are finally out in the open can they both put aside their insecurities and past hurts to realize that true love really does exist?

Stud Finders Incorporated is a potent combination of heady sensuality and good, old fashioned humor. Ms Fleming weaves a heart warming tale of romance, seduction and lovable characters. From the opening chapter I was hooked, consuming the book in one sitting! There were many points in the story when I actually laughed out loud. I cried, I smiled, I agonised over the relationship between Jake and Madison. Any book that can have the reader experiencing such a wide range of emotions and engaging with the characters is five star material.

Stud Finders Incorporated is sizzlingly superb!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Donna.

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