by Madison Hayes

January 2006
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Imprianna, an imp better known as Pink, has escaped from an evil ruler and needs help in getting to the Iron Palace and, she hopes, to safety. When she spies two strong, handsome men, she entices them inside a bar where she’s arranged to have a group of men attack them. She needs to confirm their strength before she decides to ask them for help.

Danjer, an Earther, and Saxon – soldiers and best friends – are intrigued by the woman, and when she is captured and dragged from the bar, they don’t hesitate in going after her. Once they catch up to, and rescue her, they learn of her plight and agree to help her. They also both feel an overwhelming desire for her, but Danjer tries to fight his feelings because he would do anything for his best friend.

Soon the two learn that one man can’t pleasure her because imps are built for two men. The two friends find themselves getting lost inside her body, time and time again, but Danjer constantly has to fight his feelings of jealousy.

Saxon is the easy going and more level headed, while Danjer is dark and more dominant. Pink loves both of them, though in different ways. Can the three of them learn to live together or will their desires for the same woman tear their friendship apart?

While the scenes are explicit, and at times concentrates heavily on the pleasure the two men receive from each other, it never turns into male/male sex. The affection and brotherly love these two strong men have for each other makes the love they feel for Pink and the ménage scenes much more passionate than if the three were strangers.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Jackie.

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