by Emma Holly

October 1999
ISBN: 0-352-33337-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Julia Mueller is a successful businesswoman with a surprising secret – she’s a dominatrix, a “top”. Not for her the soft romance of a rose or kisses in moonlight, no, Julia is a demanding, whip-wielding, leather-loving, successful Mistress of submissives!! So why is it all beginning to pall for her?

A business trip sends her and three of her colleagues to a dude ranch in Montana, where she meets Zach Taylor, hardened rancher who’s lived, loved, and worked hard all his life. To him, screwin’ is right up there with drinkin’ and workin’, (substitute your own verbs please), and screwin’ is what this cowboy loves to do best! And he’s good at it too – as Carolyn, one of the staff at the meeting, can attest.

Julia finds herself on a journey of sorts as the snow piles up outside the ranch and passions begin to seethe inside!! She takes a trip into the somewhat strange world (for her) of romance as she starts feeling a serious attraction towards Zach. For his part, Zach can’t wait to get her where he wants her – which is any way at all that will enable him to bury himself inside her for about a month!!! Of course, this is an erotic romance, so there are other encounters going on, and additionally, there’s a delicious scene where Julia becomes her Dominatrix persona and teaches two of her colleagues to become dominant and submissive – even though she is still ruling the roost over them.

Yes, Emma Holly has once again delved into the sexual psyche of a fascinating woman – Julia is, on the surface, someone who stands out as a six-foot blonde Valkyrie – happy with a whip in her hand and thigh-high leather stiletto boots!! But look closer – Zach Taylor does, and he sees beneath the bustier and the boots (literally and figuratively, I might add) to the woman beneath who has lost touch with the ability to recognize love in its many forms. How these two find each other through the sexual fog that permeates the dude ranch makes for a fascinating tale – a glimpse into the unusual world of Domination, and a glimpse into an unusual woman’s mind. It’s a fun, spicy, sexual, no-holds-barred ride and I recommend it.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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