by Anya Bast

January 2006
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The Dominion, natural enemies of the Embraced, are making one more big play for the lives of humanity. No longer are they ephemeral beings, they have gained physical forms and are being aided in their efforts by a traitorous Embraced. Only one vampire is ruthless enough to help the Embraced win this fight – Niccolo Romano.

Jade, half-Fae princess of the Morrigan is entrusted with the care of the council’s former executioner. Niccolo is a lethal killer with the sensuous beauty of an avenging angel. He makes her wish for his touch but the secrets she is determined to keep stay her hand. However, Niccolo is equally determined to make her his secrets and all. With Dominion launching an all-or-nothing attack on the Embraced, the Fae, and humanity, Niccolo and Jade will have their hands full fighting the Dominion and for each other.

Niccolo’s long awaited story is finally here. One of the most compelling characters to date in Anya Bast’s series about the Embraced, Blood of the Damned is a tale of love, redemption, and unflagging courage. The action never slows from the first paragraph to the last; a page turner and a keeper.


Reviewed in April 2006 by Cynthia.

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