by Liz Carlyle

April 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-9612-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

From one little lie its grown to three, the trilogy will end with thy. Within this book you will see, from which demands yea to read between the lines – marriage lines that is; the end is near, but do not fret, the loving might survive yet. Behold the surreptitiousness of Three Little Secrets!

Merrick MacLachlan, a handsome and fiery Scotsman, is a highly successful businessman and builder in England. While out with a client checking on their hopefully, new home site, he comes face to face with Lady Madeleine Bessett, but he had known her as Madeleine ‘Maddie’ MacLachlan some thirteen years ago. It was that event from their past, which haunts and tortures them both. Some secrets just do not stay, just that – secrets forever…

Merrick has worked hard to build up his business and fortune. His life is the way he wants it, on his own terms, without anyone telling him what to do. Thirteen years ago he made a big mistake in marrying a girl whose father interfered, and annulled the marriage. Or did he?

Madeleine is now back in England with her son, coming home after the death of her husband. She is not the spineless girl she once was. Confronting her past will test, not only, the secrets she has hidden deep inside, but also what is important for her now.

How will this all play out? Who will be hurt or left devastated by what will or might be uncovered? Can Merrick and Madeleine ever overcome their past or will they both be left torn apart from the secrets started long ago? Are the sexual fires that ignited between them in their youth, still there, just below the surface, ready to flash to life again?

Three Little Secrets is the newest release, and the third and final in the Sins, Lies, and Secrets trilogy by highly acclaimed authoress, Liz Carlyle. What a word-weaving historical stunner Ms. Carlyle has penned! This story is fully engaging right from the prologue, which is beautifully and profoundly crafted. The moment you crack open this scorching historical you will be unable to set it down. There is a special twist that really adds to the storyline; you could almost say it is insightful. The characters seem to walk right off the pages and into the reader’s hearts, creating an instant and immediate bond. There is not one missed step to this winning historical novel. Well done, Ms. Carlyle, this book is a beauty and this reader’s favorite.

Three Little Secrets is worthy of the 5-rose rating it received. It is a powerfully written historical, by an author well honed and in love with her craft. Ms. Carlyle will take the readers on an emotional journey beside the characters, never losing contact with the premise or the character’s amazing lives. This book can easily be a stand-alone, but you will want to buy the first two books in the trilogy to experience the total emotional wealth and great entertainment this writer brings to her novels. If you have not had the pleasure of reading any works by Ms. Carlyle, then please, purchase Three Little Secrets; it will transport you into a magnificent world of love, sexual hungers, drama, elegance, and heartfelt memories. You will walk away from this book with a feeling of kinship with the characters, and the need to open the book again to revisit your loved ones many times over.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Janalee.

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