by Lorraine Heath

April 2006
ISBN: 0-06-074982-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

London, 1880

The ton is abuzz with the latest news; the long lost Earl of Sachse has been located! He is none other then Miss Lauren Fairfield’s, childhood sweetheart, Tom Warner, from her native Texas. Lauren has been pining for Tom for ten years ever since her widowed mother married the Earl of Ravenleigh, forcing her to move to England. Lauren’s goal was always to return to her beloved Texas and her cowboy Tom. Now with the realization that Tom is no longer just a poor cowboy but a real member of the nobility, Lauren begins to lose hope that they can find what they once had together. Even though Tom is now more handsome and dashing then the brash boy she remembers from Texas, Lauren feels she could never stay in England and be happy as his wife.

Orphaned Tom Warner always knew something was different about him. Sent out west on the infamous orphan train after the deaths of his “parents”, Tom ran from the abusive farmer that “adopted” him. Ending up in Texas, Tom had something to make his life worthwhile, the love he found with young Lauren Fairfield. Striving to prove to her mother that he was more then a worthless drifter, Tom worked hard to save the money needed to buy his own ranch. Then Lauren moved away with her family, and Tom swore to her he would write her every day and find a way for them to be together again. However, Lauren never responded to his letters, and Lauren was led to believe that her cowboy had forgotten her. Then Tom Warner saunters into her stepfather’s house as the new Earl of Sachse! Striking a bargain with Lauren to help him learn the ways of the aristocracy, Tom will pay for Lauren’s passage back to Texas. Having Lauren as his tutor will help buy Tom the time he needs to convince her that his promise of forever is still true!

Acclaimed romance author, Lorraine Heath continues her Lost Lords series with Promise Me Forever. Fans of the series will be content with the continuity of the intertwined stories that have led up to this chapter. Those readers that have not read any of the other books might feel lost as to who is who and what is what. Tom is an interesting commodity, wanting to fit in and reclaim his heritage but not wanting to give up his Texan ways altogether. Lauren, at times, was hard to digest. She is confusing, voicing her desire to return to Texas non-stop, and yet the one reason she wanted to return in the first place is now in England! The ending is a novel approach by Lorraine Heath of giving a glimpse as to how the characters lives turn out after the "happily ever after."

Reviewed in April 2006 by Bonnie.

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