by Bobbi Smith

April 2006
ISBN: 0-8439-5664-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Texas, late 1870’s

Texas Ranger Clint Williams looked down on the fresh graves of his beloved family, his father, Frank, also a respected Ranger, his mother and younger brother. All massacred several weeks ago in a revenge driven attack by the Tucker gang, whom Frank Williams had sworn to bring to justice. Then Clint gazed down at the marker that read, Clint Williams, Born Feb. 16, 1852, Died March 23, 1877. Clint Williams was dead inside! With nothing left to live for except for vengeance against the men that murdered his family, Clint left the Rangers to hunt them down. Taking on the persona of cold-blooded gunslinger “Kane McCullough” Clint tracked the gang to the small town of Dry Springs and the Last Chance Saloon where an angel came to save Clint’s lost soul.

Sweet innocent Rachel Hammond was the preacher’s daughter. Marching with her father’s flock into the saloon to save sinners, Rachel was accosted by a drunk until a dark stranger rescued her. Strangely drawn to this quiet man rumored to be one of the west’s most notorious guns, Rachel sensed something buried deep inside Kane McCullough if only she could reach it. Breaking the rules to follow their hearts’ desire, Clint and Rachel are Defiant in their love!

Sometimes bordering on cliché, Bobbi Smith brings us Defiant another of her down pat formulated historical westerns that her fans love. Defiant gives us a hero that is driven by the sole purpose of revenge, only to start to lose sight of that goal when he falls for the pure love of the heroine, Rachel. Interestingly odd combinations abound within Rachel. She is portrayed as almost two different women inside the one. Rachel knows how to shoot a gun and is not afraid to use it to protect herself and those around her, yet she marches with her father’s church to save souls of sinners. As quick as the draw of Kane/Clint’s gun is Defiant!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Bonnie.

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