by Julie Elizabeth Leto

June 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25984-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #884
Mass Market Paperback

Mystery author Devon Michaels is branching out to a new genre – erotic thriller. But after five years of having a non-existent love life, she had neither inspiration nor idea on how to create that special sizzle on print. From the words of her editor, “’The sex isn’t doing it for me.’” Since her previous mysteries had been centered on a geriatric investigator (think Murder, She Wrote!), Devon hadn’t a clue on how to do “it” for anyone!

But Jake Tanner would know. The hunky detective who teaches a community Police Academy class has had the major hots for Devon! And when Devon realized that this gorgeous man can do it for her, she doesn’t hesitate (okay, maybe a little!) to ask him for some private lessons on eroticism - in the interest of research of course!

Devon is a bit of paradox – having been responsible for another human being since she was fifteen, she’s used to restraining her impulses. Even having a good laugh with her romance novelist friend Sydney seems to be an effort! But when it comes to Jake, she easily gives in to her innate sexuality, and surprisingly finds that she can be witty and sexy.

Equally surprised at Devon’s brazen behavior is Jake. After receiving hot-cold signals from Devon, Jake is a bit confused – but neither is he dummy to let a “hot” signal pass by! However, after Devon admits that she only wants a hot, raging carnal affair, for her book as well as her newly independent self, Jake isn’t sure whether he should be flattered or insulted. But if a woman of his dreams, who is a Star Wars fanatic as well as a baseball aficionado, offers herself up for nights (and days!) of unadulterated pleasure, who is he to refuse?!

Devon and Jake really do try to get into the sexual games that they conjure up – but once they’ve had a slight taste of each other, they enthusiastically go from first base to home in one quick run. Outside the bedroom, they are both a bit too taciturn for me. Jake especially has some family baggage that is never quite resolved… unless learning that his mother had a slight subversive streak against his domineering father counts as a resolution - in which case, it might have been too subtle for me to have noticed.

Julie Elizabeth Leto is fantastic in conjuring up hot and heavy intimate scenes; and although this was definitely a good read, there are other titles by Ms. Leto that I’ve enjoyed more.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Veronica.

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