by Penny Culliford

February 2006
ISBN: 0-310-26558-4
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Trade Paperback

Newlywed, Theodora is now happily married to Kevin and they are living in an adorable little flat in Britain. Theodora is working one day a week for her vicar, typing in sermon notes and other secretarial duties, and she’s having a bit of trouble finding a ministry—or even a job. When she passes out while cleaning the church office, Theodora discovers a slight oversight that she and Kevin had on their honeymoon. They didn’t use any birth control!

So now Theodora is pregnant and everyone is getting out their calculators to see if she and Kevin had a shotgun wedding. Theodora has discovered that the baby has an aversion to chocolate, one of Theodora’s favorite foods. How will she survive nine months without chocolate?

Add in an out-of-order bathroom, a husband who still wants to spend time with his friends, and a body that is changing appearances. How will Theodora cope?

THEODORA’S BABY is the first book I’ve had the privilege of reading by Penny Culliford. Written in diary form, it is entertaining with several laugh out loud moments. I thoroughly loved the book for the most part. The only real problem with it that I had is that it seemed to drag about the middle and I had to force myself to concentrate on it until closer to the end, then it picked up again.

Mothers and pregnant women will really love THEODORA’S BABY. I could really relate to the pregnancy and story and felt for Theodora as she struggled to understand what was happening to her. Pick up THEODORA’S BABY today for a truly cuddly read.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Laura.

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