by Karen Chance

June 2006
ISBN: 0451460936
Reviewer Graphic Button Roc
Mass Market Paperback

Psychic Cassie Palmer is in the Witness Protection Program to escape a ruthless vampire, Tony, who had controlled her powers and used them for his own gain. He wants her dead or alive, so when his lackeys find her she knows that it is once again time for her to run. But first Cassie has to warn her innocent roommate, Tomas, of possible danger and her need to flee, something she dreads since she suspects heís been hurt in his past. Only to learn that her roommate is not quite who she thought he was.

Tomas has in fact been guarding Cassie on the orders of the Senate, the governing body of vampires, who would be willing to offer her their protection in exchange for a favor. Although not exactly thrilled with this proposition, Cassie will do what she must to avoid once again being in Tonyís possession. Cassie finds herself torn between her desire for Tomas and her desire for Mircea, a vampire she has known since she was young. Although she desires them she isnít certain if they truly desire her or only want her for their own gain. In the middle of all this Cassie must also struggle with an increase in her powers that could lead to a future she wants no part of.

Touch the Dark was one fantastic read that will grip reader's attention from page one. Cassie is a strong kick-butt heroine that readers will find fascinating and want to read more of. Her indecision between Tomas and Mircea can certainly be understandable since they both are equally scrumptious. I also found her growth in powers to be captivating because readers will get the chance to see Cassie adjust to her newfound powers. Karen Chance has created a world and characters that will enthrall readers and have them impatiently waiting for more. Karen Chance has won a loyal reader in me and Iíll be joining the ranks of those readers that canít wait to read more of her work.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Claudia.

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