by LuAnn McLane

March 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21762-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

In Wild Ride, LuAnn McLane brings us three erotic tales based in the Wild Ride Resort, an all inclusive playground for adults…

Whiplash is the first story in the anthology. When Andi Cooper, a down to earth travel writer, is sent to review the adult theme park, Wild Ride Resort, she has a number of preconceived misconceptions about the resort, as well as it’s sexy playboy owner, Oliver Maxwell. Determined to gain a five star review at any cost, Max embarks on a plan of letting Wild Ride seduce the uppity Ms. Cooper. What neither of them plan on is discovering love in each other’s arms.

In Hold on Tight, ex rodeo -star- turned -hit- country -singer Travis Mackey is in need of some relaxation after a whirlwind tour and platinum selling album. Wild Ride Resort provides the perfect setting for him to end his tour and begin his vacation. Entertainment manager Krista Ross, has better things to do than play girlfriend to an overblown, egotistical celebrity - and she doesn’t even like country music! Running from her past, Travis is everything Krista is trying to escape. But Travis has her in his sights, and a cowboy always gets what he wants…

Worth the Wait sees childhood friends Jenna and Cole landing a free vacation on the exclusive Wild Ride Resort. There is only one catch - it’s in the honeymoon suit. Agreeing to keep things purely platonic, passions sore as they share a room, and a bed. Will Wild Ride help Jenna and Cole admit their true feelings for one another?

Wild Ride is a collection of sensual, touching stories. Based around the Wild Ride Resort it was highly enjoyable to follow recurring characters throughout the anthology. All the hero’s are sexy, edgy and adorable males with vulnerable sides that will make any female reader want to smother them with affection. The misconceptions and preconceived ideas of each of the main characters adds a streak of humor to the anthology that had me smiling repeatedly.

My personal favorite was Hold on Tight, the longest story in the anthology. It allowed the reader to watch the developing relationship between Travis and Krista, as well as providing some of the greatest scenes in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interwoven blend of humor and romance against the backdrop of a sexy, adult amusement park. Wild Ride is exactly that - a thrilling, exhilarating sensual ride. I implore you to jump right in and hold on tight!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Donna.

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