by Robin Lee Hatcher

January 2006
ISBN: 0-373-78555-0
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Trade Paperback

Monica Fletcher had a secret. It weighed heavy in her heart for eleven years but now the time had finally come to reveal what had been hidden all this time.

Telling Daniel Rourke that he was a father was not on Monicaís list of favorite things to do, however, in light of recent events she knew it was something she must do. When she and Daniel parted ways eleven years earlier heíd made his feelings about having a family abundantly clear. It was for that reason Monica kept the existence of their daughter a secret. She didnít know how long she would have kept the secret, but a revelation in her own life changed everything.

Daniel was back in his hometown after many years of absence. His life as a newspaper reporter was nothing less than a success. A high-profile murder case propelled him to stardom. With a follow-up book under his belt, Daniel Rourke was now a household name. He felt he needed a break to catch his breath and relax. He took a sabbatical and headed home to stay at his fatherís old house where fishing and camping were the only items on the agenda. He had no idea what awaited him in Boise, Idaho.

Much has changed for Monica over the years. She has dedicated her life to God. While Daniel had every right to expect a place in Heatherís life, he cannot come expecting to pick up where he left off with Monica. Not only was Monica aware of her role as a responsible parent for Heather, but she had a deep desire to remain faithful and fulfill the call of God on her life. If this was something Daniel could not abide by then he would have to understand that parental visitation would be the extent of their relationship.

Robin Lee Hatcherís Another Chance To Love You is a story of redemption, reconciliation, and the gift of second chances. The author has crafted a perfect combination of a compelling love story interwoven with the powerful bonds of faith.

Another Chance To Love You is the reissue of Hatcherís previous novel, Hometown Girl.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Rho.

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