by June Calvin

January 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21011-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Penelope Jones is a young woman of meager means, eager to give her family one less mouth to feed; she seeks a position as a governess for the Silverthorne family. When she interviews to the position, she is disturbed to see that James Betterton, a rogue of the first order, is related to the Silverthorne family and will have a say about if she will be chosen for the position or not. When the initial interview is over and Penny is about to leave the premises, she sees a painting of a castle that has haunted her dreams for as long as she can remember. This castle turns out to be none other than Silverthorne Castle. It seems as if fate is taking a hand in her life and she is destined to go to the castle, if only to lay her dreams to rest.

James Betterton cannot believe his eyes when Penny applies for the governess position. She is the one fair lady who has spurned all of his advances this season. Now he has her where he wants her, but having her faint in his arms after seeing the painting of Silverthorne Castle, isnít exactly how he pictured her to be.

When he explains that the castle is his cousinís home, she explains about her dreams and James decides that Penny should go to the castle to see if any of what she has dreamed is real. When the get to the castle, they are greeted by Jamesí cousin and his very pregnant wife and a ghost who calls to Penny from beyond the grave to save her soul and release her from her hell on earth.

This was a fun story. I read it in one sitting and just couldnít put it down. June Calvin has a true flair for the Regency era that sets her apart. The characters are very well written, the plot is gripping and the secondary characters are the extra icing on the cake. Itís a shame that Ms. Calvin is taking a break from writing for a while. I am going to be sure to get some of her older books. If they are anything like this one, I will buy as many as I can find!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Debbie.

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