by Lori Foster

October 2001
ISBN: 0-373-65064-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

I’ve only read a handful of Lori Foster to know that she’s an author that I’d most likely pick up without bothering with the book description. But the plot seemed familiar although I knew for certain that I hadn’t read this title before.

Not being familiar with the whole Maitland Maternity series, I gathered from this story that a baby had been abandoned at Maitland Maternity, a world renowned clinic that specializes in comfortable maternity care. The scandal that ensues affects the Maitland men – and in this story, R.J. is the target.

An ex-girlfriend claimed that she was the one who abandoned the baby and wants compensation – either marriage or money would do. But anyone who knows R.J. personally would find that claim ludicrous; R.J. does not willingly abandon his responsibilities, let alone create one that he can’t handle! However, Megan, R.J.’s mother and founder of Maitland Maternity, willingly took the baby in her care. In the meantime, R.J. is left with a tattered reputation, which, as president of Maitland Maternity, is starting to affect the standing of the clinic.

R.J. needs a quick fix and proposes that Dana, his loyal and diligent secretary, marry him to save his reputation as well as the clinic. Dana, on the other hand, has been nursing a case of unrequited love and is surprised that R.J. would consider her, a plain looking spinster, to marry him rather than his other bombshell girlfriends. However, it only makes sense to R.J., who has slowly considered Dana a friend as well as faithful employee. Never considering in his mind that Dana would demand their marriage be real in every sense!! But once Dana had offered her condition, R.J. couldn’t stop thinking of how very much he might enjoy being married after all!

Dana is efficient and intelligent as a secretary; as a woman, she’s independent and loyal – all traits that R.J. has completely taken for granted in the past. R.J. is a bit thick, to say the least! It was completely obvious to everyone in his family – and the reader! - that Dana has been in love with him all this time, yet he only admits to healthy case of lust. But although Dana wanted sex to be part of the deal, she refuses anything else that R.J. offers – i.e., joint bank accounts, use of R.J.’s second car – or quit her job to be a lady of leisure! As for the latter, what bright, young, determined heroine will choose to do that at her husband’s behest?! Well, definitely not Dana!

Lori Foster, as usual, has written a fun and sexy read with Married to the Boss. Both Dana and R.J. are persons to be reckoned with; but, as a couple, they work wonderfully as a team – in and out of the bedroom! The secondary characters are also wonderful – it’s easy to see that they tie in neatly to the other Maitland Maternity books.

(Remember I mentioned that the story seemed familiar?! Well, there’s another series book by Barbara Boswell, Stand-In Bride, that presents the boss-secretary-marriage-of-convenience plot. Although Married to the Boss is definitely a good read, Stand-in Bride may just be a little bit better….)

Reviewed in July 2002 by Veronica.

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