by Colleen Shannon

January 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52611-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Arielle Braylock lives a sectet life. By day, she is every one's ideal Victorian miss, by night she is a woman of wanton abandon. In her dreams, she seems to enter another kind of world. A life so very much different from her own. But now, the fantasy of her dreams are starting to become a reality in her real life. How can that be? Can the cat amulet she wore at her throat be the cause of all of her turmoil? And what of the two beings from her dreams, which is the good and which is the evil? Which will be her true lover and which could destroy her? As Arielle's nightime wanderings become more senual, she will find that she is lost in a maze of danger and desire where one wrong move could mean the end of her love or even life itself.

This was a very strange book. Yes, paranormal is supposed to be different, but this was WAY different. I had a very hard time reading this story. Fantasy and real life were so intertwined that you forgot what was what. The characters are well written, it's just that the story itself is hard to follow, at least for me. If you really enjoy paranormal romances, then you will like this book. If not, then I wouldn't read this one. You may not think it will be to your taste in fiction.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Debbie.

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