by Rachel Caine

January 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51387-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #73
Mass Market Paperback

Remember that old adage, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is” ? Well nothing else comes close to describing the problems being faced by Jazz Callender and Lucia Garza. Once they agreed to accept all the “red envelope” assignments, their lives have spiraled out of control. They soon realized that while they thought they were on the “good” side, nothing is quite as clear-cut. The Cross Society and Eidolon Corporation are opposite sides of the same coin. Both have a vested interest in future events, and both are consumed with the power that this knowledge brings. Jazz and Lucia are change agents whose actions manipulate the predicted outcomes. Both sides want to use them as pawns.

Neither woman is too interested in being a pawn, however, and that decision has turned deadly. Jazz has been marked for death because she failed to follow a directive, and she is in hiding. Lucia has had to be the public face for both the agency and Jazz’ pet project - exonerating her former police partner Ben McCarthy. When the proof of his innocence is found, Lucia is glad that he is free. But she doesn’t trust him. Too many other things don’t add up. Chances are while he was innocent of the murder charges, he was still a crooked cop. This distrust doesn’t sit well with Lucia, especially when she is intrigued with the former policeman - just a little too much.

As Jazz and her lover (and Cross Society member) James Borden, deal with her death threats, Lucia reluctantly adds Ben to the agency employee roster. He is fitting in well with the routine investigations, but seems to know too much about the Cross Society and Eidolon. What isn’t he telling them?

Author Rachel Caine moves smoothly from the first Red Letter Days book, Devil’s Bargain, into this new installment, Devil’s Due. The action never lets up as more information is revealed about not only the two opposing factions, but each of the main characters. Lucia’s past is still pretty murky, but more and more is coming to the surface. Readers will benefit from starting the series at the beginning, and will appreciate the fast pace that holds your interest to the last page. I cannot wait until the next Red Letter Days book arrives in the mail!

Reviewed in January 2006 by Paula.

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