by Nancy Warren

December 2001
ISBN: 0-373-79023-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #19
Mass Market Paperback

Cynthia Baxter has a feeling that life is passing her by at age thirty. An accountant who has worked at the same place for almost a decade, Cynthia decides to change aspects of her life one at a time – starting with her sex life! However, while enacting the "Helpless Virgin Ravaged by a Dark Dangerous Stranger" fantasy, Cynthia is left naked and handcuffed to the bed by her boring and absentminded fiancé of six years. Definitely time to dump someone who didn’t have the consideration to unlock Cynthia first before responding to an emergency call from the hospital where he works as a doctor!

When Cynthia hears her elderly next-door neighbor by her window, she yells for help. But instead of getting Mrs. Lawrence (who might have had a early heart attack at seeing Cynthia’s predicament!), Special Agent Jake Wheeler of the FBI comes in with badge and gun blazing! And when Cynthia finds out that he’s a neighbor, she almost dies of mortification at the thought that she’s bound to bump into this attractive and muscled man, who has seen her completely naked and handcuffed, at the neighborhood block parties!

But Jake is counting his lucky stars to have met Cynthia - a floozy who’s also an accountant would be a tremendous asset to his unofficial investigation of an import/export company that he suspects of drug running. Cynthia, of course, with her need of excitement in her life, jumps at Jake’s offer to be part of an honest-to-goodness criminal investigation! Only Jake is starting to wonder whether Cynthia’s sexy attitude is only a façade – it would be nice to expect her to seduce information out of the bad guys… but would she really do it?! Is she really a loosey-goosey man-eater?

Cynthia, a conservative, retiring but wanna-be wild woman, is a riot! She’s fun and adventurous and determined to embrace this brand-new side of her that’s been buried too long! New clothes and a new hair style comes with her new confident ‘I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it’ attitude – getting screaming sex with a gorgeous hunk doesn’t hurt, of course!

Jake’s initial impression didn’t attract him to Cynthia at all! He’s done with sexually adventurous women after catching his ex-girlfriend in a threesome. He doesn’t mind wild monkey sex, mind you, but one-on-one is enough to satisfy his carnal tastes, thank you very much. And prostitutes like Cynthia have been crossed off on his list of to-dos a long time ago! Jake changes his mind eventually when he suspects that Cynthia isn’t what he thinks she is….

Nancy Warren has created a heroine that is not only funny, but a character that readers will want to cheer for! Cynthia is perfect as an almost-innocent with an adventurous streak a mile long! And Jake is no chopped liver either – and with his help, Cynthia finally gets to “live a little.”

Live a Little is a delightfully funny read with lots of action and sizzling (or should I say, blazing?! [grin]) sex. Don’t miss it!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Veronica.

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