by Kasey Michaels

March 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77100-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Chance Becket has come a long way that day in Port-Au-Prince when his life was forever changed. He is now an educated and respected gentleman, with a promising career in the War Office. Even his brief marriage helped to elevate him in society’s strata. Now, as a widower, he has only to manage one small task, and his household will be set to rights again. What can possibly be difficult about hiring a nanny for his young daughter, Alice?

Julia Carruthers hopes she can convince Mr. Becket to hire her. The decision to come to London was a mistake, and she has felt adrift here. This was the only job offering that seemed at all respectable, and Julia’s expectations rose with each departing candidate. As a vicar’s daughter, she has been gently reared and has a fine education. Some of the applicants have been appalling.

Fate intervenes in that awkward first interview in the form of a little blond angel named Alice. Julia’s heart melted at first sight of the charming child, and immediately knew that this was where she belonged. The decision was solidified when she learned that they would be leaving London to allow Alice to grow up with her grandfather at the family residence, Romney Marsh.

An incident on the road proves to Chance that his decision was the right one. Julia is remarkable in a crisis, and has nerves of steel. Nothing could prepare Julia for the Beckets of Romney Marsh. A large and boisterous clan of pseudo-siblings connected only by their love for each other, and the man who gave them a family, Ainsley Becket. Of the eight Becket children, only one is Ainsley’s natural child. The rest are the result of rescues and even outright purchase from some of the Caribbean’s most dangerous ports. Chance is the oldest, and the only one to leave home. Ainsley is still a rather young man himself, with a wealth of secrets about his past. Julia has lots of questions, and Chance’s War Office investigation will bring them all into harm’s way.

Author Kasey Michaels has created a unique world at Romney Marsh, filled with smugglers and pirates. As the first book in a series, A Gentleman By Any Other Name fulfills it’s purpose. It introduces us to the Beckets, whetting our appetite for future books, and it provides an excellent romance between two engaging characters.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Paula.

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