by Karen Hawkins

June 2006
ISBN: 0-06-058414-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Behind the lace fans and playing cards, the ton is a-buzz. Rumor has it that the newly-arrived Viscount Westerville is not what he appears to be. While his looks and manners cannot be faulted, there is something dangerous about him. Some say that he and his brother, the new Duke of Rochester, were really by-blows who inherited through the old Duke’s powerful manipulations. Others say that Christian Llevanth was a highwayman before he gained his share of the estate. Only the butler knows for sure.

Christian has a personal mission to finish before he can sit back and enjoy his inheritance. He must find out who provided false information to the authorities that led to his mother's death in prison. He has followed the trail as far as he can, and has located what may be the final source - the Duke of Massingale. His plan is simple; romance the Duke’s granddaughter and gain entree into the family estate. Then he can search for the proof he needs.

Lady Elizabeth has no desire to go to London for the Season, but her grandfather insists. She never expects to capture the attention of the dashing Viscount Westerville, along with a gaggle of fortune hunters. Perhaps the Season won’t be as dull as she thought it would be.

Karen Hawkins has created a lively pair of bookends in this two book series. With premier butler Richard Reeves adding his own perspective, Her Officer and Gentleman is a fitting match to Her Master and Commander. Reeves must add matchmaking to his resume now that he has been so successful with the Llevanth brothers. I must admit that I will miss his commentary on the life of those in service.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Paula.

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