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February 2006
ISBN: 1897261063
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What happens when Cupid has a bad day? Liz Hunter, Rayka Mennen, and Phyllis Campbell give us a look at the scenario that ensues when Cupid has a little too much to drink in their anthology, Stupid Cupid.

In Oops by Rayka Mennen, Leena Mackay needed her job. Her livelihood depended on it. Pouring hot coffee on an executive wasnít the way to keep it. She was having one of those days. Fortunately, a little good luck may yet save the day.

Vincent Anderson needed an assistant, a competent assistant. He was impressed when Leena caught a flaw in an advertising project that no one else detected. Added to that the company president suggested Leena. Vincent decided to give Leena the job. When Vince needs a temporary place to rent he answers the Mackay sisters advertisement not realizing he was about to step into a wacky world of a spell gone wrong.

This endearing tale is both amusing and a pleasure to read. The author delivers in this first installment of the anthology.

Crazy Cupid by Phyllis Campbell gives us the story of a mismatched pair, Kenya and Eli.

Kenya wasnít too sure she was doing the right thing. She had doubts concerning her upcoming marriage. Standing in a gazebo contemplating her situation, Kenya found herself in the company of a shabby man claiming her marriage would place her family in serious peril. On closer inspection the man was quite a handsome fellow, but he was crazy. What else could explain all his time travel talk?

Eli felt sure that once Kenya saw her fatherís ring she would believe him. It wasnít just their lives at stake - it was the fate of the world she held in her hands. He needed to find a way to make her believe him and it had to be quick.

Crazy Cupid is a suspense with plenty of sparks between the hero and heroine. This fast-paced tale grips the reader at the beginning and holds tight until the end.

In Dang Crooked Arrow, Tara may have been more than appreciative of the sexy Harrison Howard at the floral shop had he not admitted to having a girl for every city he did business. Knowing that made him less appealing to her. She had no room for a Don Juan in her busy life. Tara wanted no part of being a notch on his bedpost.

Harry had no intention of settling down. He enjoyed playing the field and he treated his women well during his stay with her. His life was just the way he wanted it.

Enter Cupid. What Tara and Harry thought was a mere glitch in the wiring was actually a melding of Earth and the realm of legends. Cupid just had to show off for the Easter Bunny and as a result of that dang crooked arrow, love started to blossom between an unlikely pair - when Harry met Tara.

Fun and irresistible, Liz Hunter brings us Dang Crooked Arrow as the last contribution to Stupid Cupid. Her style is smooth, entertaining, and clever. Donít miss this charming anthology.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Rho.

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