by Millie Criswell

April 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77053-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Welcome to Mediocrity, home of The Two Sisters Ordinary. The Two Sisters Ordinary is the newest business in town. The Two Sisters Ordinary is an inn owned and operated by Beth Randall, and once was the family home, and in fact, Bethís two great aunts Ivy and Iris Swindle still reside on the fourth floor, which is off limits to guests.

One of Bethís guests is Dr. Brad Donovan and his daughter Stacy. They are at the inn trying to locate Dr. Donovanís missing father, Robert. Robert was last seen at The Two Sisters Ordinary, and Brad will not leave until he gets the answers he wants about his fatherís disappearance. Robert Donovan is the second person to be associated with the inn in some form to go missing.

The first was before Beth was born, and was Lyle McMultry. Lyle was engaged to Iris, and before the wedding disappeared. Iris and her sister have been suspected of foul play since his disappearance, but without a body, nothing could be proven or disproved for that matter.

Every new business has obstacles to overcome, but none quite like Beth Randall. Beth is in desperate need of a business loan, and in order to obtain it must submit to an inspection of every nook and cranny of her inn. This includes the basement. Before the bank officer arrives Beth makes a sojourn into the basement, and with the help of her beloved dog, Buster makes a gruesome discovery. There are bones in her basement. Who or what could those bones be? Could those bones belong to one of the missing men?

The bones are the least of the problems Beth must deal with. Every business has obstacles to overcome, and Beth has more than her fair share. Along with the normal problems of trying to get suppliers to meet her demands, she must get the loan she desperately needs, work out her relationship with her mother, who pulls a surprise visit, and in her spare time, she falls for Brad, but fears a relationship between the two will not work out.

I believe as you read Asking for Trouble you will be rooting for Beth, and booing for Aubrey Fontaine who runs a successful business and is determined to get The Two Sisters Ordinary through any means available to him. With the turn of the last page, you will be reminded that even the nastiest appearing people can and often do have a good side that just needs to be nourished properly.

Asking for Trouble is the last book Millie Criswell will write. I will miss seeing her name on new releases in my local bookstore. I wish her well in her retirement.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Sandi.

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