by Merline Lovelace

2002 Reissue
ISBN: 0-373-48477-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

Molly Duncan started a war with her new neighbor over a garbage can. If his garbage can was on his side of the driveway, she wouldn’t have run over it!!! From then on, it was like passing notes in class – while Molly was taping notes to his front door, semi-retired Major Sam Henderson of the US Air Force was slipping them under hers. Until one night… Molly is sick of hearing loud music (country, no less!) coming from his house at such a late hour and decides to give him a not-so-neighborly call. Except Molly dials the wrong number and “witnesses” a murder instead.

Sam isn’t too pleased when the police knock on his door to investigate a possible murder. So, along with the police, he marches up to Molly’s house, irate at the latest trouble his very hostile neighbor has caused.

Scared and none too pleased that Sam assumed she made a prank call, Molly decides that if someone did shoot him, she wouldn’t bother with the police next time! But if Sam wasn't shot, then who was it?! Sam believes Molly’s story but there’s no way he was going to get involved with his cute neighbor! That vow was short-lived, however, when someone is heard prowling through Molly’s house, and she comes running in between their hedges straight into his arms!

Molly’s a great heroine – spunky, intelligent with a sharp wit, she’s the only one that manages to keep Sam’s interest in a long while. Finding her sexy and amusing, Sam’s denials of involvement quickly vanish when Molly presents him two tickets to a Buck Randall concert as a thank you present – a hot date and good seats to his beloved country singer idol? How can he resist?

Sam is a hunk and a half! Since his flying accident left him with horrible migraines, his therapy had been lifting weights to keep his mind off the pain. Of course, that results in a 'to die for' physique… and with Molly around, that narrow leather bench presents some really interesting… er, ideas!

Sam and Molly are a fun couple! With vibrant dialogue and interesting secondary characters, it is one of those hard to put down stories. Merline Lovelace concocts a funny, sexy tale that will satisfy any reader. Moreover, since her style of sizzling intimate scenes and fast-paced action is similar to that of Linda Howard’s, If a Man Answers is a perfect complement to Linda Howard’s Overload (see separate review), in this smashingly good 2-in-1 Silhouette collection!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Veronica.

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