by Robin T. Popp

June 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61627-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dirk Adams, who was introduced in Out of the Night, continues to safeguard the city streets, hunting down renegade vampires. He and Mac Knight had been attacked by a mythical creature called the Chupacabra, but instead of becoming vampire, they became changelings. With vampire strength and skills, but without the bloodlust, they are more than up to the job of ridding the city of its evil creatures.

Dirk stops a vampire from attacking Dr. Bethany Stavinoski and, almost from the moment he sets eyes on her, he’s fascinated. Bethany is currently working on a research project whom Miles, her boss and fiancée, won’t discuss with her. She’s worried the purpose of the substance she’s working on is for illegal gains, but whenever she questions Miles he convinces her everything is on the up and up.

Bethany has never experienced true passion before and was content on marrying her much older fiancée, hoping friendship would be enough. But every time she is near Dirk she experiences completely new sensations which intrigue as well as frighten her. When it appears that Bethany’s life is in danger, Dirk insists she come stay with him and his fellow vampire hunters so he can guarantee her safety.

While Bethany deals with her attraction to Dirk, he fights with his constant insecurity and jealousy. Secondary characters, most of whom we met in the first book, enrich Seduced by the Night, giving fans of the first story some much appreciated details on Mac and Lanie’s relationship.

This Night Slayer series creates a new spin on the popular vampire tale, giving it a gritty, realistic feel that’s easy to lose yourself in. Pay attention to homicide detective John Boehler since his story, Tempted in the Night, will be next.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Jackie.

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