by Linda Howard

June 2006
ISBN: 0-345-48650-1
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Trail Stop, Idaho is literally the last stop at the end of a mountain road. It is a peaceful charming little town frequented by hunters, rock climbers and lake fishermen. It is just the right place for Cate Nightingale to settle with her four-year old twin boys and run her bed and breakfast. Even though her guest rooms are rarely full, Cate still manages to make a living. The help of local jack-of-all-trades handyman Calvin Harris goes a long way towards making sure ends meet. Cal can handle anything that needs repairing at the Inn—including jump starting Cate’s dormant sensuality.

In a curious happenstance, one morning the B&B’s current guest vanishes leaving behind his luggage and a baffled Cate. Days later two strange men hold Cate at gunpoint demanding her missing guests’ belongings. Cal’s timely arrival saves Cate and scatters the men, but sets in motion a terrifying siege that pits Cate, Cal and the whole town against an unknown number of armed men. Cut off from help, with their friends and neighbors trapped in their homes Cate and Cal make a dangerous attempt to get help right under their enemies’ nose.

Cover of Night was a fantastic adrenaline rush! The deceptively mellow beginning in no way prepares you for the fast pace of the remainder of the novel. Humor, action galore, and Ms. Howard trademark sensual romantic love scenes are sure to satisfy longtime fans and intrigue new readers.


Reviewed in August 2006 by Cynthia.

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