by Lois Greiman

March 2006
ISBN: 0-440-24263-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Unplugged is the second book that deals with Christina McMullen by Lois Greiman. Chrissy hasnít changed much since we last saw her in Unzipped.

This time Chrissy is trying to find out about J.D. Solberg and just where he is. He never made it back from Las Vegas when everyone else from the company he works for did after the trade show. Of course, Elaine aka Laney is dating him and is heartbroken and very depressed that she hasnít heard from him. Chrissy canít stand to see Laney that depressed, moping and crying over J.D. So what does she do but try to find the little geek?

Chrissy once again seems to have bad luck following her around. Almost if anything can go wrong it does. Of course, she has gotten pretty good at break and entering and lying. She suspects a few people and tries to keep them under surveillance. We know how her surveillance skills are, bare to nothing, but she does give it her best shot.

It seems that Chrissy also has a habit of being able to get away from anyone that would be after her. Somehow or way she gets away, with little damage to herself and others.

Chrissy seems to have acquired a new boyfriend. Well, maybe a new one, only time will tell. He is a coworker of Solbergís and he seems to be another suspect or maybe just someone with information about Solberg. Chrissy isnít sure yet, but she knows he does kiss really well.

Unplugged was just as good as the first story starring Christina McMullen. Chrissy is just as witty and harebrained as every with her personal life. Her professional life seems to be going okay. She is getting somewhere with a few of her patients. Of course Rivera makes another appearance in the story. The one thing that I missed in Unplugged that was in Unzipped was Chrissyís habit for calling Rivera every other name except Rivera.

Ms. Greiman gave us a story with a few twist and turns thrown in with possible murder and missing people, several suspects, and several misadventures. The ending will leave you surprised as I didnít see it coming, I didnít know who was after Solberg or why. But leave it up to a cocktail waitress turned psychologist with the hots for a cop to bring it all together, not in quite a neat little package.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Pam.

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