by Heather Graham

March 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2283-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

A weekend boating getaway turns into a deadly encounter for yachting club director Beth Anderson. Beth, her brother Ben, niece Amber, and Amberís best friend Kim are camping on Calliope Key off the coast of Florida when while strolling along a deserted beach Beth comes across what appears to be a skull! Remembering the rumors surrounding a wealthy yachting coupleís disappearance, Beth wonders if the skull could be evidence to foul play. When a stranger suddenly appears out of the brush, Beth quickly hides the skull and decides to return later to the spot for a better look. In addition, the Anderson group is not the only boaters on the island for the weekend, there are several other groups of people who Beth thinks suspicious. Upon returning to the spot where she thought she hid the skull, Beth finds nothing, and begins to wonder if the intriguing stranger she had met earlier, Keith Henson, had something to do with its disappearance?

Determined to get evidence to bring to the police that something did happen out on Calliope Key, Beth begins to dig deeper into the mystery of the Monacosí disappearance. However, the more Beth finds out, the more trouble she finds herself and family in! At every turn in her investigation, Beth seems to bump up against the solid muscled wall of the mysterious Keith Henson, whom Beth cannot seem to resist! Keith claims he is trying to keep Beth safe, but Beth senses there are other factors coming into play for Keithís motives. When her life and those of her family members are threatened unless she gives up the investigation, Beth knows she is in for deep trouble.

Award winning novelist Heather Graham has had huge success with her past books, but afraid to say with The Island this will not be the case. I found the story fragmented and ridiculous. The heroine Beth was blasť, and there was no chemistry between her and hero Keith. In fact, there is almost no interaction between the two before they tumble into bed, and for Keith to say he is falling for Beth is silly, as he does not even know her! Keith is almost comic in his efforts to save the day, and the villains act like a bunch of buffoons. Sorry to say The Island just does not live up to past Graham muster and will be a disappointment to her fans!

Reviewed in May 2006 by Bonnie.

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