by Elizabeth Vaughn

April 2006
ISBN: 0-765-35265-6
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Mass Market Paperback

In her debut novel, Warprize, Elizabeth Vaughan introduced the world to a wonderful plethora of characters. Her second novel in this series, Warsworn, takes up where we last left Keir, Lara and the rest of the Plains warriors as they journey to their home to claim their Warprize.

Lara and Keir have faced many dangers in the past, but there are still more that lay ahead of them. From within their own caravan, they must work to keep evil from taking hold of warriorís hearts and turning them against Keir. They soon learn though that danger not only lies within their traveling company, but without.

Coming upon a town marked in the warnings of the plague, Lara determines that she is needed and nothing Keir says, even forbidding her to go, will stop her. Holding the full truth to herself, she finally gets Keir to allow her to go to the village, and when he learns the truth she knows that they have reached a turning point in their relationship. Unfortunately for them, the village is almost completely decimated by this plague and it soon spreads into the encampment, and to Lara and Keir. Now a rival for the position of Warlord steps forward when Keir is still weakened. Lara knows that the only way to save the people that she is coming to call her own and her Warlord she must find a cure of this plague, or both her life and Keirís are forfeit. She knows now what it truly means to be the Warprize, and she is determined that she will embrace her new role in life to the fullest and show her Warlord and his warriors her own truths to this.

Their love for each other is tested, their people dying and others trying to spew their traitorous words to destroy both Lara and Keir. What will happen when they finally start to trek to Keirís home? Will the Elderís accept them? Or will a traitor finally succeed in driving a wedge between Keir and his soldiers? Only time will tell.

Warprize was an amazing story that dragged the reader through one emotion to the next with surprising quickness, and Warswornis no different. Filled with stunningly emotional scenes, this story is more poignant than its predecessor. It is not often that I find a story that can cause me to start crying in public because of what happens within its pages, but Warsworn did just that. Keir is an amazing hero; dedicated, powerful, resourceful, and determined, he will not let his people suffer, even if it means possibility causing dissention among his warriors and his leaders. Lara too is another amazing character, completely out of her natural element but determined to make the best of the world that she is adopting, Lara will stand by the side of her Warlord through whatever is thrown their way. Any lover of romance will be completely and utterly satisfied with this story except in one instance; there wasnít more of it!!! I canít wait for the next installment to the series.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Angel.

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