by Amanda Elyot

March 2006
ISBN: 1-4000-9799-1
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Trade Paperback

C. J. Welles is a hug fan of Jane Austen. She is also a actress. She has been auditioning for the lead part of a new Broadway play, which portrays her idol, Jane Austen. At the end of her final audition, as she is leaving the stage, in full garments from the era of Jane Austen, she finds herself in Bath, England in the year 1801! How did she get here? Is she going to see her century again? Or will she be stuck in this one?

C.J. winds up being employed by a bitter, penny pinching widow who is quite mean to her employees, C.J. included. When C.J. meets Lady Euphoria Dalrymple, she takes Lady Euphoria up on her offer, and moves in with her to be brought out in society as a poor relation. Anything is better than where C. J. is now. While attending a ball with Lady Euphoria, C.J. meets the utterly handsome Earl of Darlington, who just so happens to be Jane Austenís cousin! C. J. knows she should not get involved with the Earl, as she is not from his century, but she canít help herself, she falls madly in love with him. Will this love change her future?

When a dangerous situation arises and puts C.J. in the crossfire, she must find a way back home, or she will not have a future with or without the Earl. When C. J. discovers a deep buried secret about her past, it may hold the key of why she wound up in Bath at last.

This was a wonderful time travel to read. I normally donít lean towards time travel, but there was something about this book, which made me want to read it. It is not your run of the mill time travel adventure by any means. There is mystery, deep buried secrets, love, romance, intrigue, there is even comedy in this book. You will not be disappointed by this story. The author Amanda Elyot also wrote the book The Memoirs of Helen of Troy

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pat.

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