by Katherine Kingston

December 2005
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Averic watched her pass by day after day for the past eight months. Her thoughtfulness for an elderly gentleman in a city full of callous passersby brought her to Averic’s attention. He may not have noticed her otherwise. She did not actively seek out attention yet in his position high atop a building Averic watched. Before he realized it Averic found himself longing to know her because beneath the stone of the gargoyle beat a very real heart.

Tricia had the feeling of being watched each time she passed by the cathedral, not threatening just more of an awareness than anything. It wasn’t until one night when she worked later than usual that the feeling turned menacing. Three men followed her and their nefarious intentions may have come to fruition were it not for a mysterious stranger coming to her aid.

Tricia had a special quality about her, special enough to get her noticed by a gargoyle. Averic was willing to forfeit a year of being gargoyle for the opportunity to walk as a human. He wanted to know Tricia better. True, he could observe her dreams, but he wanted more. He wanted to live out the fantasies she kept buried in her dreams.

As Eric Stone, Averic took Tricia to new sexual heights as he turned her dreams into reality. While their time together was exhilarating, Eric couldn’t help but fear her reaction when she learned the truth. Would the trust they’d built be strong enough to endure it, or would it collapse, leaving him to face a life without her?

Katherine Kingston’s Gargoyle’s Christmas is a blend of creative storytelling and sensual indulgence. The author gives the reader a well-written look into the world of master/submissive. She shows the reader the gratification of the union of mind and body between two people who respect and love one another.

Very few authors have taken the shape-shifter gargoyle to task, much less successfully. Ms. Kingston manages the feat and readers are glad of the fact. I know I am and I will be sure to read more from this talented author.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Rho.

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