by Suzanne Enoch

June 2002
ISBN: 0-380-82082-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Georgiana Halley and Viscount Tristan Dare have a history together, and what a history it is! He stole her virginity, her trust and her stocking six years ago, but has never been able to forget that night. He never realized that his thoughtless actions might return to change his life!

Lady Georgiana, or Georgie as she’s known to her friends, has remained unwed, but very much sought-after, leading the Ton in fashion and trend. Surprised that Lord Dare kept silent about her surrender, she loses no opportunity to cross swords with him, verbally that is, and they have acquired the reputation of being firmly in hate with each other.

So why is he always on her mind? And why does he compare every other woman to her? Well, this is a Regency romance, so I guess it’s pretty easy to figure out!! (Note to Ms. Enoch – please check your research!! One never refers to the Prince as “Prince George”. It’s either “the Prince”, “Prinny” – if he’s not within earshot, or “His Royal Highness”. It’s important, so get it right! We Regency fans care about that sort of mistake!)

Georgie and Dare become entwined in a complex dance of lust, passion and anger, with a side helping of mistrust thrown in for good measure. There is little that is original in this tale, but the delightful characters of both hero and heroine keep those pages turning. Georgie is a level-headed woman who is striving to do the right thing, and afraid to follow her heart down the path towards pain for a second time. Dare is almost broke, fighting to keep his family in one piece, and rapidly realizing that Georgie is the only woman he could ever consider growing old with!

Do they survive the wicked plans of others? Can they learn to trust each other as well as rediscover their passion? Will his aunt’s kitten stop chewing people’s clothes? All points that are answered in this novel – it’s a fun read for Regency fans who will certainly want to add it to their collection!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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