by Leanne Banks

March 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77052-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Trina Roberts may be a whiz at PR for Bellagio, Inc. and their fabulous shoes, but she is not thinking straight when she has a steamy one-night stand with jilted groom, Walker Gordon. Once the sober dawn comes, Walker leaves to go to Paris to throw himself into work to nurse his wounded pride. Trina is left with a more lasting reminder of their night of passion. She gives birth nine months later to a beautiful baby girl. Ever the hard-working career woman, she does not ask for help or special favors. Walker is so far away she does not feel compelled to tell him he is a father.

Trina is afraid her secret will come out now that Walker has come back to Atlanta and she will be working with him of a new campaign for Bellagio's. Walker seems to have plenty of other family issues of his own to deal with. His family history is full of men who were not very good at being loving fathers.

The reader will fall head over heels for this second book in Leanne Bank's charming trilogy of shoes and romance. Underfoot brings back characters from Feet First in minor roles, but the emphasis is on Trina's story. Trina is appealing because she is strong and intelligent, but she must confront the serious issues of many single mothers of today. She exhibits a passion for her work and life that is utterly captivating.

Walker is all man, but he must fight the demons from his past and work through doubts about the future.

The snappy, funny dialog as well as sizzling love scenes make Underfoot pure reading pleasure that you will want to finish in one sitting. Never fear, the final book in the trilogy, Footloose will be out later in 2006, so you won't have to wait long for another entertaining dose of fun. Ms. Banks' promo material and website also note that she will collaborating on a series of books with Janet Evanovich. I know I will be first in line to buy those, as they are sure to be hilarious. In the meantime, kick off your shoes and enjoy Underfoot .

Reviewed in February 2006 by Roberta.

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