by Isabella Jordan

December 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-361-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Meela is a princess from a distant planet who; since birth, has been promised to one of three Princes of Nelot, the planet she finds herself on now! All of her life she has been trained for this occasion. However, she had a spell placed on her when she was sixteen that “ensured her obedience”. Well, the day has finally come. She’s out for a walk on the palace grounds, her last as a single woman, and meets two of the most beautiful men she’s ever laid eyes on! Is this Princess about to get more than she ever bargained for? What of the marriage contract?

I loved Meela – as a Princess, she’s perfect but as a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it, she’s fantastic! Isabella Jordan’s Hot Flash Obedience creates just that – hot, hot flashes! WOW! If you haven’t read this book, do it! You won’t regret it!

Reviewed in April 2006 by PamL.

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