by Cyndi Redding, Larissa Lyons

December 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-191-9
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In Guardian of the Angels by Cyndi Redding, TV newsman Kurt Conrad meets Becky Morgan in Amish territory after his car breaks down. Becky’s innocence of the “modern world” intrigues Kurt and he vows to return when he gets the chance. What Kurt doesn’t know is that Becky --- after meeting him --- has chosen him, and fate is going to play an integral part in their future whether Kurt wants it to or not. When Kurt returns to Becky, he meets her ‘odd’ family. He’s also so attracted to Becky that he can’t stop himself from taking her virginity --- even knowing there will be consequences. That turns out to be that Kurt is now a chosen part of Becky’s odd family and his life is changed forever. As it turns out, Becky is from a family of females who are something similar to earthbound angels. Unfortunately, this story reads as though it was a weak concept sat around the love scenes.

Written in the Stars by Larissa Lyons, Aurora is a heaven-fairy sent on an assignment to earth to “bound the goat”. She wakes up on a cruise ship and meets astronomer Charles Manning (conveniently a Capricorn, though Aurora doesn’t manage to put the connection together with her assignment). There is an instant attraction between them, and they eventually fall in love. Aurora fears she has failed her mission, but its revealed that the ‘goat’ she needed to bind was indeed Charles and by having them fall in love with each other, Charles’s life pattern changes and his study into the heavens is put aside --- thus protecting the secrets of the universe from being discovered centuries too early. This is one of those stories readers are left feeling that there could have been more details and depth to make it a good read.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Kari.