by Sherri L. King

December 2005
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Mia’s fire-starting abilities have made her desperate for a normal life. With time she'd hoped to able to control her abilities, instead she kept finding herself back under the care of the scientists at Sterling.

Ryan, the director at Sterling, has been pining for Mia. He's never had the courage to tell her how he feels about her. He imagined that she only associated him with Sterling, and that meant an endless series of tests and doctors not allowing his true feelings out for fear of rejection.

When the Sterling group gathers together on a dangerous assignment, where Mia finds herself in a very perilous position, Ryan acts quickly to save the woman he loves and prove to her his devotion. He makes her see that they do belong together.

Ms. King’s Sterling series only gets better and better. Fyre’s vulnerability and Ryan’s tenacity endears both characters to this reader. Though a short story, it was a hot and heavy one that should be enjoyed in a quiet sitting.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Noemi.

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