by Jaid Black

December 2005
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Tired of her workaholic father’s attempts to control her through a succession of automaton protégés, Julia Cameron uses her quick wit and sharp tongue to take out irritation on each of the hopeless suitors he sends her way. Summoned to the family estate in Costa Rica for the holidays, Julia could have done without the company of her father’s latest stooge. Convinced she has another puppet on her hands Julia prepares to dull her tongue on Samuel Ian Adam.

Of course, as her father’s protégé Sam is the last person Julia wants or needs as an escort but she is stuck with him for the duration. Aloof and dominant Sam personifies all that Julia doesn’t want in a potential husband. But when their plane crashes on a deserted island Sam and Julia discover that there is much to be said for a little thawing out.

Jaid Black’s hot story of opposites attracting, and other things, will delight you. Adam and Evil is a wicked romp through the surf in nothing but a smile and sun block number 50! Strong dialogue, characters so real you could pinch them and a clichéd but still entertaining plot make Adam and Evil not to be missed.


Reviewed in February 2006 by Cynthia.

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