by D. N. Simmons

August 2005
ISBN: 1-4208-6287-1
Reviewer Graphic Button AuthorHouse
Trade Paperback

In our time, vampires, shape-shifters, and other things that go bump in the night roam the streets freely. They are the most sensually erotic and dangerous creatures of all! One of these supernaturals is being framed for murder. Travel through this tale to find out who really did it, while engaging in the decadent and erotic happenings transpiring right before your very eyes!

Hello Readers,

My name is Natasha. I will be your hot hostess and guide throughout this tale; and what a biting story I have to tell you…girlfriends! Oh, I am not going to leave out you handsome hunks, either! Let me fill you in on what’s been going on in my freaky new life. As you might remember, I now know that the medication I have been taking since childhood is not for migraine headaches, but to suppress visions I have while I sleep. Along with that, I now have two gorgeous male vampires as boyfriends, Xavier and Darian. These two vampires are also lovers; they just make me want to purr!

Darian has been framed for murder. I am beside myself with grief! With the help of Xavier and a pride of shape-shifters, we are going to find the real murder or murders and I am going to put the hurt on them when we do! Now, don’t stop reading; you know you cannot help yourself from finding out the truth with me…

Sincerely and hopefully your new friend,


The Guilty Innocent: Knights Of The Darkness Chronicles Book 2, is by author D. N. Simmons. This is the latest release and the second in the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles series. With amazing effortlessness, Simmons pounded the pages with another heated paranormal tale! Simmons is an author on the fast track to becoming the ultimate paranormal princess! This reader can hardly wait for the third installment to this series Royal Flush due out in 2006!

The characters in this novel begin to weave their way into your heart - beckoning to your very soul, like a familiar lover. With excitement and drama, the characters will envelope you into their heady world of vampires, shape-shifters, sex, and oh so much more! The premise is flavored with fresh writing and creative scenarios. The only thing you might not like about this book is your inability to put it down!

Natasha had finally found the center to her world living with her best friend, Annette. Between the two of them, they always seemed to have something going on. They live, love, and laugh together. Now with Darian going to jail accused of murder, Natasha is an emotional wreck. Why would someone frame Darian for murder? Who is the real murderer or murderers involved in this heinous crime?

In a genre filled to the brim with vampire/paranormal novels, The Guilty Innocent: Knights Of The Darkness Chronicles Book 2 by D. N. Simmons stands out in the crowd. Its erotic fervor and conclusive writing will make it and D. N. Simmons, the talk of the paranormal romance circles everywhere!

Please note: This book is explicit and graphic in nature. Anyone under the legal age in the country you reside in, should not read this book!

Reviewed in December 2005 by Janalee.

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