by Pauline Baird Jones

March 2002
ISBN: 0-7599-0525-8
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Luke Kirby, a widowed policeman, is heading up to his mountain cabin for a few days of solitude. It's the anniversary of his wife's death, and although he's told himself he's gotten over it, he still misses her after seven years. As he gets the fire ready, he notices something under a blanket on the couch. When he pulls the covers down, he finds a lovely, though badly wounded woman. When she regains consciousness, the mystery deepens; she's lost her memory. As a policeman, Jake knows enough to recognize gunshot wounds and the mysterious woman has one on her shoulder. He can't take her back down the mountain a storm has moved in and they're stuck together. Jake and the woman try to pierce the mystery of her presence, but after two days, although she's feeling better, they haven't gotten anywhere. A pocket computer says her name is Amelia, but even that doesn't stir any memories. The storm over, they decide to leave.

And now the adventure begins! The plot of 'Missing You' twists and turns itself inside out as villains search for the beautiful scientist who holds the key to a fortune in her head. Unfortunately for the villains, she can't recall a thing, she's found protection with Jake Kirby, a cop, and she's decided to take things in her own hands for a while and disappears once more! The secondary characters are as fascinating as the main ones the bad guys are creepy chilling, their methods incredibly complex. The story never lags as the layers are peeled back one by one. Conflicts, betrayal, secrets and hidden agendas all make this story a suspenseful read, and a tender romance adds emotion.

I truly enjoyed this book, and I'm looking forward to reading more. I've rarely been swept into a story so fast, or held in thrall for so long! The characters all come to life and each one is important and interesting. This is the third book of the Lonesome Lawmen series be sure to read the first two books, Pauline Baird Jones writes a fast-paced, intelligent story that you'll be glad to have on your keeper shelf.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Jennifer.

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