by Christie Ridgway

ISBN: 0-06-076350-7
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Mass Market Paperback

The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men by Christie Ridgeway reintroduces readers to the Caruso family. This time around, readers will enjoy getting Eveís story.

Eve is the middle child of Salvatore Caruso. He fathered her with his mistress and when she passed away he took Eve home to his wife, Bianca, and reared Eve with the same love and caring that his legitimate daughters were given.

Eve has always had an independent stubborn streak, and even though life has thrown a curve ball in her direction more than once, she has not had her spirit broken. She believes in living life in her own way, and by her own rules. She refuses to ask for help even though she is on the down side of life for now.

As Eve tries to rebuild her life from the disaster she was led to make of it, she moves into the family resort Kona Kai. It is here that she befriends Jemima Cargill, a starlet on the rise, and one who has problems of her own.

One of Jemimaís problems is her brother Nash who has arrived to protect her from a stalker who has disappeared from his home where he has been released to his motherís care. Nash is by his nature a caregiver, and when he sees a damsel in distress, he cannot help but put on his armor and charge into battle to defend the damsel.

As he spends time on the Kona Kai property he finds himself attracted to Eve and the feeling is mutual. Neither one is looking for a relationship nor able to put the brakes on seeing one another and letting nature takes its course.

Ms. Ridgeway wrote a book in which it was easy to see and feel the chemistry between Eve and Nash. While The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men cannot be classified as erotic, it will definitely make your body temperature rise, and make you wish you were wearing protective gloves, so you do not singe your fingers.

My only complaint was that I did not realize this book was the second in a series, and I did feel as though I were missing some background. I do wish I had read the previous book, An Offer He Canít Refuse. I also was left wanting some storylines resolved, but I am guessing I will have to wait for a third book. I am only hoping I do not have to wait too long.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Sandi.

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