by Angela Hunt

March 2006
ISBN: 0-373-78564-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

Jacquelyn Wilkes’ mother died from breast cancer, leading Jacquelyn to follow a career in nursing, hoping to save others from a similar sorrow. But when Jacquelyn discovers a lump in her own breast, her carefully constructed world is shaken. When the lump turns out to be cancerous, Jacquelyn struggles to go it alone, as her boyfriend and her father abandon her in her hour of need.

Doctor Jonah Martin doesn’t tend to stay at clinics long. Ever since he was wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct, Jonah has been as cold as ice around his nurses, earning him the nickname of Dr. Baked Alaska. But something about Jacquelyn tugs at his heartstrings and he finds himself going above and beyond the call of duty to take care of her and her needs. When the past comes back to haunt Jonah, can Jacquelyn find the strength to help heal the doctor’s wounds?

A Time To Mend was previously published in 1996 as Gentle Touch, but either way, it is a good read. Jacquelyn seems like a good nurse, caring for her patients needs but she doesn’t allow herself to get close to them. Jonah on the other hand, openly flirts with his patients, earning their trust and respect, but keeps the nurses at a professional distance.

There are questions and answers written by Angela Hunt at the end of the book, asking her about some of her experiences with cancer, etc.. Since the book seems so knowledgeable about the subject, and there are discussion questions included, this makes A Time To Mend MEND is ideal book for small group studies.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Laura.

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