by Tori Carrington

May 2006
ISBN: 0-765-31241-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Forge

Dirty Laundry gives readers a welcome second look into the hilarious and zany life of Astoria native and private investigator Sofie Metropolis. The second journey is every bit as entertaining as the first.

With a new set of cases to investigate, Sofie is back with a vengeance. Her current load of cases include the disappearance of Uncle Tolly a dry cleaning store owner who may or may not be laundering money for the mob. Tolly’s wife sort of hires Sofie to investigate although she really just wants Tolly declared dead so she can sell the brand new Mercedes he has left behind. Just where did Tolly come up with the money for this luxury car?

Also on Sophie’s agenda is the search for Fred the ferret who is missing much to the disappointment of the young wheelchair bound girl who is his owner. Add to this Sophie’s mother’s request that she look into whether her father is having an affair with someone and Sophie finds herself quite busy. To top it off she must also serve court papers and track down bail jumpers. A PI’s work is never done.

Secondary characters including the sexy Aussie Jake Porter, Sofie’s love interest, and Rosie her best friend also make return appearances to liven things up. Also Muffy, Sophie’s newly acquired dog who has developed a very serious gas problem is thrown in for some laughs.

The ensemble cast keeps the reader entertained from beginning to end. Dirty Laundry continues Sofie’s story in fine fashion and leaves the reader anxious for more. The only negative thing to be said for Dirty Laundry is that it is over all too soon and it will be a long year’s wait until the next installment hits the store shelves.

Pick up a copy of Dirty Laundry, grab a frappe and get caught up in the Greek American tragedy that is Sofie Metropolis. Dirty Laundry is guaranteed to put you in a good mood and deliver a few laughs to your hectic world. Enjoy this fun zany over the top read!

Reviewed in May 2006 by Barbara.

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