by Sherri L. King

December 2005
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On her way home Terra Gillead is stuck driving in a brutal winter storm. Only a few miles from her isolated home, Terra is shocked to find a man unconscious and injured lying in the middle of the road. Unable to contact help Terra must take the appealing stranger into her home. When he miraculously regains consciousness fully healed within hours Terra soon discovers her guest, Cassius Del Morte, is more than just an ordinary man.

Cassius has waited fifty-seven years to find his mate and he knows that Terra is the one. He just has to break the news of his unique heritage to her and hope she can accept it and him.

Sherri L. King returns to her captivating wolves for this slice of holiday passion. Full Moon Xmas is the story of the strong yet silent Cassius. For a short story Full Moon Xmas is well developed and plotted with great love scenes and characters who can care about. Neither is this story rushed nor does it leave you feeling as though there is more to be said or something missing. Fans of the Moon Lust series will definitely enjoy this new installment in the popular werewolf series.


Reviewed in February 2006 by Cynthia.

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