by Judy Gill

November 1990
ISBN: 0-553-44067-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

A man with secrets and a woman with a reason to be wary is a story line commonly used in romance novels, but Judy Gill does it well. Better than quite a few others I've read.

In Moonlight Man Sharon Leslie is wary of her new next door neighbor, Marc Duval. Her past romantic experience with men wasn't pleasant and she's in no rush to become serious about anyone. Especially not her drifter of a neighbor, no matter how attractive, helpful or friendly he is.

In Sharon, Marc sees a gentle, beautiful woman who can make him feel as no other woman has since his late wife. He feels it's his duty to pull Sharon out of her shell and awaken her to life again. It's not until he learns the truth about Sharon's marriage that he realizes the secrets he's kept could put an end to their budding relationship.

Both Sharon and Marc are fascinating characters. Sharon is a woman who has fought hard to put her life together for herself and for her children. She's just starting to realize that she wants more out of life than a pleasant, passionless existence. I enjoyed the fact that she didn't fight her feelings. It didn't take her half the book to realize what she felt and to begin to act on it.

Marc is sweet, compassionate, great with Sharon's kids and in tune with himself. His one flaw is not trusting Sharon to handle his secret. On the one hand readers will understand where he's coming from and why he hid the details of his past from her, on the other hand Sharon had it right when she says that he didn't trust her to be mature enough to see the truth and trust him.

Other than a rare occasion when the dialog was a bit awkward, and a lead up to a scene with a man Sharon had been dating that never came about, Moonlight Man was satisfying. It hints at a prequel and as I read the sequel long ago, I already know that it's even better than this one is.

Moonlight Man is a light read. Something to take with you on a long train or bus ride, maybe carry it along with you to the beach while you catch some rays. The characters, primary and secondary, are great and the writing style of Ms Gill flows well.

Reviewed in July 2002 by JaToya.

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